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18 May 2006 @ 01:26 pm
First *real* post  

Hopefully with my first real post, lurkers will have an idea of what this community can become...

One of my plans is to eventually build a MAME cabinet. I've had various cabinet designs in the past, but all revolved around these huge frankenstein-like control panels that are 3-4 feet wide, in order to have most of the control combinations I wanted. Even with these designs, they still couldn't capture the control layout of every game I would want to play (Best example would be 4 player Warlords - just not enough space to add 4 spinners)

About two weeks ago I ran across a website discussing their modular control panel, where each control can be swapped out. This was my answer, so now I'm starting up my MAME project again with hopes of being able to do this type of control panel. I already have a Double Dragon cabinet that's gutted. I just need to pull it out of the garage, clean it and start working on it. I have an old PII computer with a 21" monitor I'll be adding. I originally wanted a real arcade monitor, but one of my foremost loves of the classic games are the vector games, and I had to be able to play these with the crispness of vector lines, even if they're really anti-aliased raster lines on a monitor.

Hopefully I can keep a log of this and post occaisionally on here to let everyone know of the progress.

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